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Local Dentist Triples New Patients

How Wilton Smiles saw a 300% increase in new monthly patients with PPC, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

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Client: Wilton Smiles Dental Practice

The Challenge

Wilton Smiles is a dental practice in Wilton, CT. Despite their commitment to excellent patient care, they were struggling to attract new patients and boost their online visibility. They knew the importance of digital marketing, but their efforts in SEO, social media, and online advertising weren’t getting them the results they needed.

Feeling stuck and knowing they needed a change, they reached out to us at Smile Agency. They were looking for a partner who understood the unique challenges of marketing a dental practice, and could help them navigate the competitive digital landscape. That’s where we stepped in. With our deep understanding of digital marketing for dental practices, we were ready to take on the challenge. We partnered with Wilton Smiles to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that was customized for their practice’s specific needs.

Our partnership led to a significant boost in their online visibility, a surge in new patient inquiries, and a stronger brand presence in the competitive dental industry in Connecticut. We didn’t just promise results – we delivered them.

The Strategy

Local SEO

At the heart of our strategy for Wilton Smiles was a robust SEO plan. Rather than using generic keywords, we delved into the specifics of what potential patients in Wilton, CT were searching for. We then tailored Wilton Smiles’ website and Google My Business profile to these precise terms. The result? A top spot in search results for key dental service terms, driving more traffic to their site. But we didn’t stop there. We also boosted their local credibility with a targeted campaign to generate Google reviews from satisfied patients.

Social Media Management

When Smile Agency started managing Wilton Smiles’ social media, we transformed their social media accounts into a vibrant community hub. Instead of the usual generic posts, we focused on sharing real patient stories and testimonials, showcasing their top-tier services, and engaging with the local community. This personalized approach not only amplified their brand but also built a level of trust that resonates with potential patients.

Paid Social & Google Ads

While we were laying the groundwork for long-term growth, Wilton Smiles needed immediate visibility. We responded with targeted PPC and social ad campaigns that put Wilton Smiles at the forefront when potential patients were searching for dental services. But our work didn’t stop after launching the campaigns. We continuously monitored and optimized them, ensuring every dollar spent was working hard to bring in new patient inquiries. This strategy led to an immediate increase in phone calls and new patient bookings.


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The Results


Search Visibility


Phone Calls

New Patients in 8 Months


Return on Investment

In just eight months, our partnership with Wilton Smiles has yielded remarkable results. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy led to a threefold increase in phone calls and new patients, adding up to a total of 227 new patients. The SEO efforts significantly boosted their online visibility, with their keyword rankings for terms like “laser dentistry” and “dentist” soaring from position #12 to the coveted #1 spot. This top ranking increased website traffic, leading to a 276% surge in visitors to their website.

Simultaneously, our social media management strategy expanded their online reach, gaining over 100 new followers on their social media platforms. This larger audience allowed for more engagement and potential patient conversions. All these efforts combined to deliver an impressive overall ROI of 508% for Wilton Smiles, representing not just a financial return, but also a strengthened brand presence in a competitive market.

Local Search

Client’s Google Maps 3 Pack ranking and coverage improved well outside of their immediate service area.

Organic Results

Our client now ranks #1 organically for over 10 well-searched keywords, with many having rich-snippet results.

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